Yom Sheini, 7 Sivan 5775

Get Involved

The Caring chair is looking for members willing to help provide a meal for a congregant sitting shiva or a Shabbat meal for a sick congregant. This committee will also make visits to sick congregants needing a caring visit. 

The Education chair is looking for members to assist with our school. Room parents or teen volunteers are needed to assist the teachers. The committee may also assist with religious school events and meet to come up with ideas for our education program.

The Events/Catering chair is looking for people to help out in the kitchen including stocking and cleaning as well as providing food support for all congregational events.

The Facilities chair is looking for volunteers to help with setup and tear down of events and services. We are also looking for anyone that can contribute to the improvement of our space including maintenance and repairs. Anyone who is interested in helping in these areas or wants to assist with audio-visual equipment.

The Membership chairs are looking for help planning events to bring new people into our congregation. Do you enjoy going to events to talk to potential new members. This committee is looking for some happy smiling faces that would help our congregation grow. 

The Ritual chair is looking for help with holidays and service support during the year. Help a little or help a lot. This committee also meets to discuss the ritual direction of our congregation when input is needed.

The Social Action chair is looking for people who like doing a mitzvah for the community in which we live. This group will be finding ways our congregation can give back to society. 

Please see Our Leadership page for contact information.

Please include your name and contact information in all email communications.