Yom Sheini, 7 Sivan 5775

Judaic Studies

Our philosophy of engagement and hands-on learning provides our students with a feeling of connection not only to Judaism but to the Jewish people.

For kindergarten and 1st grade our goal is to connect these children to the Jewish people. It is about laying a foundational knowledge of holidays, bible heroes, prayer and mitzvot. It is very important to engage this class with their Jewish surroundings and connect them Jewishly to home family and community

For 2nd and 3rd grade our goal is to connect these students to God and holiness.

For 4th and 5th grade we want to take the relationship to the outside world. How do we as Jews connect to our community through Torah, Avodah, and Gmilut Chasidim.

For 6th and 7th grade we not only focus on Bnai Mitzvah preparation but on how our role changes as a part of the Jewish people after the this life event.