Yom Sheini, 7 Sivan 5775

Hebrew Program

Hebrew will focus on prayer, starting with basic decoding and progress to understanding. Students will be able to read, speak, and understand Hebrew; and be able to conduct and follow a religious service in a variety of congregational settings.

Hebrew is taught as part of every class session every class level.

For students in K-1 the idea is to get them acquainted with Hebrew. Have them learn simple word and songs that introduce basic Hebrew and start creating a comfort level with the language.

For the 2nd grade the study of Hebrew is about giving our students basic tools. Each Sunday morning the 2nd grade will be introduced to a different letter. The curriculum continues to introduce the shape of Hebrew letters, the right to left direction of Hebrew and basic Hebrew ritual vocabulary. This gives them a familiarity and a good foundation to enter a more formal Hebrew program in third grade.  The goal is to teach Hebrew that helps to build a Jewish and prayer vocabulary. Being able to have both a Sunday and Monday session allows for more time with curriculum and continuity of program.

The 3rd through 7th grade Hebrew program is skill based. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced class will be set up. Students can be moved from one level to the other throughout the year